Dara Ancient City – Mardin


Dara Ancient City

Dara Ancient City is located in Oğuz Village, 30 kilometers southeast of Mardin. Dara, one of the most important settlements of Upper Mesopotamia in history, was established as a military garrison city in 505 with the initiatives of Emperor Anastasius (491-518) to protect the eastern border of the Eastern Roman Empire against the Sassanids.

Dara Ancient City - Mardin

Dara Ancient City – Mardin

The area around the ancient city of Dara, which consists of structures carved into the rock and spread over a wide area, was protected by a 4-kilometer wall. The inner castle was built on the north of the city and on the upper plain of a 50-meter-high hill. The ruins of churches, palaces, bazaars, dungeons, armory and water dam can still be seen in the city. In addition, there are cave houses dating back to the Late Roman Period around the village.

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