Beyazsu – Mardin


Beyazsu is located approximately 15-20 kilometers south of Midyat District and approximately 20-25 kilometers north of Nusaybin District, on the highway connecting the two districts. The Beyazsu Creek, which takes its source from the skirts of the plateaus and hills in the south of Midyat, flows towards Nusaybin in a valley. White su is like an oasis in the arid and treeless geography of Mardin with its cool and clear water, local trees and greenery. Drinking water of Mardin and other districts is also supplied from the Beyazsu spring. White sea, which meets the water needs of Mardin throughout all four seasons, responds to a second need of the people of the region as a resting and eating-drinking area during the summer months. Fishermen’s restaurants built on the Beyazsu River offer the fish they have caught from Beyazsu to the visitors. The fishermen’s restaurants, with their tables made in the form of traditional thrones and sitting places set on the stream in the style of an oriental corner, display a unique appearance to the region.

Beyazsu - Mardin

Beyazsu – Mardin

How to go to Midyat Beyazsu?


There are two routes to go from Mardin to Beyazsu. The first is to go by choosing the Nusaybin road after visiting the historical Mardin city center. After visiting Mardin, the historical Deyrulzafaran Monastery, which is one of the important tourism points located 4 kilometers southeast of the Nusaybin road route, is seen. After seeing this place, take the Nusaybin road again and go by the Nusaybin road. After going about 20 kilometers from this route, again deviating from the Nusaybin route, the Ancient City of Dara, located 9 kilometers to the east, is seen. We can say that this is the “Ephesus” of Mardin. It is an important ancient city waiting to be excavated and unearthed. After seeing this place, continue from here to reach the Silk Road (the main road leading to Habur) and go towards Nusaybin. Visit the Zeynel Abidin Tomb and Mosque in Nusaybin and see the historical Mor Yakup Monastery right next to the mosque. If you leave Nusaybin after seeing these places and move north by Midyat road, you will reach Beyazsu after 25-30 kilometers. Naturally, those who want to go directly to Beyazsu recreational area can go directly to Nusaybin without visiting the places listed, and when they arrive in Nusaybin, they can turn to Midyat and reach Beyazsu.

As the second route, after visiting Mardin, we go to Midyat. After visiting the Estel Museum, Culture House, State Guesthouse, Gelüşke Han and Gümüşçüler Bazaar in Midyat, we will take the Nusaybin road and arrive at Beyazsu after 15-20 km.

Source: Mardin Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism

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