The Office of the Prophet Daniel – Mersin


Prophet Daniel is a prophet who lived in the time of the 2nd Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar (605-562 BC) and saved the Jews from Babylonian captivity with his knowledge and prophecies. According to the legend; When the King of Babylon saw in his dream that a boy from the Israelites would shake his throne, he ordered the boys born from the Israelites to be killed. For this reason, when the Prophet Daniel was born, he was left in a cave at the top of the mountain to avoid death. Prophet Daniel, who grew up in the cave under the auspices of a male and a female lion, became a young man, and mingled with his tribe. In a year of famine, the Prophet Daniel, who was invited to Tarsus, came to Tarsus and there was abundance. For this reason, the Prophet Daniel was not sent back to Babylon, and when he died, he was buried in Tarsus in what is now known as the Makam Mosque.

The Office of the Prophet Daniel - Mersin

The Office of the Prophet Daniel – Mersin

In the 17th year of Hijri, Hz. When Tarsus was conquered during the Omar era, the tomb of Prophet Daniel was opened and a tall corpse wrapped in a cloth woven with gold thread was seen inside a large sarcophagus. In order for the corpse not to be stolen by the Jews, Hz. Upon Ömer’s order, he was buried deep in his previous place, and a small stream of water from the Berdan River flowed over the grave, and it was secured that no one would touch the grave. As a matter of fact, during the last repair of the mosque, very thick and very regular grating irons were found at the entrance of the water at the back and bottom of the mosque at very deep depths. The corpse of Prophet Daniel is far below the water passing through these battlements. As a result of the excavations carried out in the area in question, the tomb was unearthed and landscaped and opened to visitors as the Tomb of the Prophet Daniel since 2014. The Office of the Prophet Daniel

Daniel Prophet’s Ring

As a symbol of the adventures he has gone through, the love of a young boy between two lions, one male and one female, is engraved on the stone of the ring on his finger.

Source: Mersin Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism archive

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