Inkaya Sycamore – Bursa


It took its name from Inkaya Village, one of the first villages of the Ottoman Empire. The 600-year-old plane tree is world-famous for its magnificent appearance. Its diameter is 3 meters and its height is 35 meters. This monumental tree has 13 main branches. The plane tree, whose branches reach 3-4 meters in thickness, is one of the oldest trees in Turkey with its circumference of 9.2 meters. Inkaya Sycamore is an important symbol that local and foreign tourists who come to Bursa do not pass by without stopping by.

Inkaya Sycamore is a unique and beautiful species of sycamore tree (Platanus orientalis) known for its distinctive characteristics. It is often referred to as the “Inkaya Plane Tree” due to its prevalence in the Inkaya village of Turkey. This particular type of sycamore tree stands out for its tall stature, broad canopy, and large, hand-shaped leaves.

The Inkaya Sycamore is highly valued for its ornamental appeal and is commonly planted in parks, gardens, and along streets for its aesthetic beauty. Its leaves provide ample shade during the hot summer months, making it a popular choice for outdoor recreational areas.

Furthermore, the Inkaya Sycamore is known for its robust and resilient nature, adapting well to various climates and soil conditions. It is a deciduous tree, shedding its leaves in the fall, revealing its attractive exfoliating bark that adds to its visual appeal.

The Inkaya Sycamore has cultural significance in Turkey, where it is cherished as a symbol of natural beauty and environmental harmony. It is often associated with providing shelter, shade, and a sense of tranquility.

Overall, the Inkaya Sycamore stands as a remarkable example of the natural wonders found in the world, captivating observers with its grandeur and contributing to the ecological and visual landscapes it inhabits.