Stone Bridge – Adana


Adana Stone Bridge is on the Seyhan River. IV. It was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrianus in the (385) century. It has been an important bridge between Europe and Asia for centuries. Harun Reşit (766-809) joined the bridge to Adana Castle with some additions. IX. It was repaired by the 7th Abbasid Caliph Memun (786-833), who was the son of Harun Reşit, at the beginning of the century. III. It was repaired at different times by Ahmet (1713), Kel Hasan Pasha (1847) and Adana Governor Ziya Pasha (1789). There are inscriptions of these three repairs. The last repair was made in 1949.

Stone Bridge is 319 meters long and 13 meters high. Of the 21 arches, 14 are standing. Two lion reliefs can be seen on the large arch in the middle. It is known as one of the oldest bridges still in use in the world.