Duden Waterfall – Antalya


It is located within the borders of Kepez District, invark district. Düden Waterfall is also referred to as İskender Waterfall and Upper Düden Waterfall in various sources. At the same time, there are people who call it Düdenbaşı Waterfall. At the 28th kilometer of the old Antalya-Burdur road, and at the 30th kilometer of Kırkgözler, there are two large karst springs called Pınarbaşı. These two rivers with plenty of water merge after a short flow and disappear in the Bıyıklı Sinkhole. The water lost in the Bıyıklı Sinkhole, after going underground for about 14 kilometers, emerges from one end of the Varsak depression, and after a very short flow, it sinks again from the other end of the depression. The water lost in Varsak comes to the surface in Düdenbaşı after about two kilometers of underground flow.Duden Waterfall - Antalya

Duden Waterfall – AntalyaEven on days when no water flows from the surface, at least 10 cubic meters of water per second emerges from under the Düdenbaşı Waterfall. The maximum flow rate of this water is 94 cubic meters, and the average is 15-16 cubic meters per second.

Duden Waterfall - Antalya

Duden Waterfall – Antalya

The water that flows by making a waterfall from above in Düdenbaşı is the water coming from the Kepez hydroelectric power plant. After Düdenbaşı, the Düden Stream, which divides into two main channels at the sheep regulator, spills into the Mediterranean after 9 kilometers from a 40-meter-high travertine threshold in the east of Antalya.

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